Overhead Door – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase an Overhead Door™ garage door?

Our products are manufactured in plants all across the United States and distributed only through highly-trained professionals for installation. To purchase an Overhead Door™ garage door, contact an authorized distributor in your area. Find a representative near you by using our helpful distributor locator.

How do I get my garage door repaired?

Because garage doors are the largest moving object in your home, they are the most dangerous, so it is important you do not attempt to make garage door repairs on your own. Contact one of our fully-trained and authorized Red Ribbon Distributors to come make the repair for you. They will ensure the repair is performed properly and safely.

Can I paint my garage door?

Many of our residential garage doors can be painted, and specific painting instructions are included within your owner’s manual. Most of our commercial garage doors can also be powder coated. We offer 197 powder coat colors so you can choose one that will best complement the look of your home or business facility.

Can I replace just a section of my garage door, or do I need to replace the whole door?

In some cases, it is possible to only replace a section of your garage door. However, depending on the extent of the damage involved, the entire door may need to be replaced. Contact an Overhead Door™ Distributor as they will be able to evaluate your specific situation and make recommendations for the best solution.

What is R-value, and how does it benefit me?

R-Value is a measure of thermal efficiency; the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating properties are of the door. At Overhead Door Corporation, we use a calculated door section R-value for our insulated doors. We offer several door styles that meet your insulated door needs, whether for residential or commercial applications. To find the thermal efficiency you want, the R-value for each door is listed on its product page, or you can view a list of all doors and their corresponding R-values.

Do you have Architect resources?

Yes – for technical and specification information on our commercial doors, visit our Architect’s Corner. This tool allows you to download full product specifications, CAD drawings, BIM models, and product brochures in a few simple clicks.

How do I purchase an Overhead Door® garage door opener?

All Overhead Door™ products are sold only through authorized Red Ribbon Distributors. Use our distributor locator and contact a representative near you.

What is the difference between the Screw, Belt, and Chain drive garage door openers?

The Screw Drive is powerful, fast, and quiet, offering maximum power for heavy doors. These garage door openers provide the most power with the fastest operating speeds. The screw drive openers are ideal for those with large garage doors measuring 14 ft. high, or one-piece doors that are up to 8 ft. high because they feature an exclusive direct drive system that transfers more power from the motor without using a gear reduction system.

A Belt Drive is super quiet and performs smoothly, making it ideal for garages adjacent to living areas or any garage attached to the home. We’ve all heard what a noisy garage door sounds like, but with a belt drive opener, you’ll experience less sound and vibration during operation. Our belt drive garage door opener models are some of the quietest ones you can buy.

Chain Drive garage door openers are rugged and reliable, and are suitable for most garage doors. As the name suggests, these openers use a chain to move the door open and closed. Chain drive openers have been around for many years and will last for years with routine maintenance and are typically available at an opening price point.

How can I get a new remote control for my garage door opener?

If your opener was manufactured after 1980, an Overhead Door® Master Remote can be purchased from your local Overhead Door™ Distributor.

Unfortunately, we no longer carry remotes for openers manufactured prior to 1980; your system must be upgraded with a new receiver kit. 

How do I program a wireless keypad to open and close my garage door opener?

Please visit the support section of our website to view complete programming instructions for wireless keypads.

How can I program a garage door opener to work with my vehicle’s HomeLink® system?

To program the HomeLink® transceiver, you may be required to turn on your vehicle’s ignition, or keep the vehicle running, so make sure you perform this process in your driveway or while your garage door is open. View the HomeLink® programming instructions for further garage door opener help and instructions.

Which garage door openers have 2 light bulbs?

Destiny® 1500 | Odyssey® 1200 | Destiny® 1200 | Odyssey® 1000 | Legacy® 920

Which garage door openers have motion detection lighting?

Destiny® 1500 | Odyssey® 1200 | Destiny® 1200

What are Series I, Series II, and Series III electronics for wall consoles and buttons?

Overhead Door® openers and wall consoles integrate various technologies known as Series I, Series II, and Series III. Series II is backward compatible to Series I, but Series III is not backwards compatible without purchasing additional parts. If your opener has a date code of 041217 or higher, you can use a Series II wall console with your opener; otherwise, you must use a Series I wall console. For further details, contact your local Overhead Door™ Distributor.

Who makes Overhead Door™ openers?

Overhead Door™ manufactures all of the Overhead Door™ garage door openers shown on the website. The garage door openers that have the Red Ribbon Overhead Door logo are manufactured by the Overhead Door Corporation.

What are the available standard sizes for your residential garage doors?

Generally, standard door width sizes are 8’, 9’, 10’, 12’, 15’, 16’, 18’, and 20’. However, some door series may have exceptions to this rule. For specific sizes or custom-width doors, check with your local Overhead Door™ Distributor for availability.

How much does a garage door system cost?

The price of a new garage door is influenced by a wide range of factors, including regional conditions. Contact your local Overhead Door™ Distributor for accurate pricing regarding the specific product you are considering.

What maintenance does my garage door require?

We recommend having your garage door inspected annually. Your local Overhead Door™ Distributor can provide you with the most thorough evaluation and perform any routine maintenance as needed.

I have a low ceiling in my garage. Will a garage door and opener work in the space?

Yes! Residential doors only require a minimum of 4 ½” of headroom space. The system will need a low headroom extension track or a low headroom torsion rear track when installed. To include a garage door opener, you’ll need slightly more headroom – about 6 ½” minimum.

How can I get a new remote control for my opener?

First, determine if your opener is a newer model with CodeDodger®, or is an older model that does not have CodeDodger®. If your opener was manufactured before 1980, we unfortunately no longer carry remotes that work with these analog systems, so your system would need to be upgraded with a new receiver kit. Your local Overhead Door™ Distributor can provide you with a broad range of opener accessories, from remote controls to wireless keypads and receiver kits.

I’m interested in matching my trim color to that of my new garage door. How do I go about painting a steel garage door?

For tips and color information, browse our available Color Charts and Instructions.

How do I winterize my garage?

While it’s best to winterize your garage and home before the cold settles in, it’s never too late to take precautions. Check out our Garage Winterization tips to help make your home more energy-efficient, ensure you’re warm through the winter, and save money on your utility bills year-round.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, or credit card payment (MasterCard, Visa, and Discover).

How do I reset my operator?

Most operators do not have a reset button, but it may help to unplug the unit, wait 60 seconds, then plug back in; this will sometimes allow the internal computer chip to re-cycle itself, much like a reset.

What is the warranty for the new garage door opener I just had installed?

Please view our garage door opener warranty information for more details.

What kinds of doors and operators do you repair?

We are able to repair all brands of doors and motor operators in both residential and commercial locations.

Can I purchase a new remote/clicker at the shop?

Yes! We carry an extensive selection of transmitters for garage door openers in our showrooms. If your transmitter is no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturer, we can usually provide you with an after-market alternative that will work.

How do I test the reversing mechanism on my garage door opener? How often should I perform this test?

To perform the test, place a wooden 2×4 on level ground where the door would touch when closed. When you attempt to close the door, the opener should reverse within 2 seconds of hitting the piece of wood. If the door does not reverse, you may need to have a qualified technician come out to diagnose the problem and perform any necessary repairs. This test should be performed every 3 months.

My technician recommended safety cables for my extension springs. Why do I need these?

Extension springs can be extremely dangerous if it breaks. They can rocket across a garage with such force that it can easily penetrate a double-layer of 5/8” wallboard. A broken extension spring can cause serious injury or easily damage a vehicle. By including a safety cable, the spring will be contained should it break, protecting you, your family, and your belongings.


"Brandon and crew were very easy to work with. Doors were put in in a timely manner and everything was cleaned up when done. Would definitely recommend to anyone."
- Jane Heiny
5 Stars
"Everyone from the salesman to the tech that installed the equipment were very professional. Great job!"
- Jason Brown
5 Stars
"I’m very pleased with the work done, and in a timely manner. The guys were friendly, answered all my questions, and left the property cleaned up. I love the quiet door movement."
- Lorna Thompson
5 Stars

"Excellent service very friendly and knowledgeable high quality. love our doors thanks overhead doors!!!!!"
- Dianna Weaver
5 Stars

"I’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences! The individuals on the other end of the phone are always so kind and organized. We have received quick service twice and have been so pleased with the level of professionalism and courtesy shown by technicians. Great and honest company!"
- Olivia Hildebrand
5 Stars
"Torsion spring broke on my garage door. Called Overhead Door and spoke with Brandon. He scheduled the techs for the next day which they came out and replaced both torsion springs on the door and adjusted the door so it worked perfectly!! The technicians were very knowledgeable and experienced and had the new springs installed very quickly. Great job!!"
- Dale Rogers
5 Stars
"Very professional! Completed the repairs in an hour and gave the rest of the unit a checkup. Would definitely give them my business again. "
- James Edmonson
5 Stars
"Had a very good overall experience. They arrived within one hour of my request for a quote and provided a written formal quote an hour later.They arrived on time, completed the job in a couple of hours and left the garage spotless. Very professional installers. Highly recommended!"
- Bruce Costigan
5 Stars
"HI called them and they were extremely friendly and made you feel comfortable. I told him my problems and he knew what was wrong. They scheduled me for the next day and they came when they said they would. The two men that came were very professional. Upbeat and knew their job. The job took them 15 minutes. They oiled everything up. (above and beyond) I will use them again I hope I don’t have the need anytime soon. But I would recommend them highly."
- Yvonne Berryman
5 Stars
"The technician did a very nice job replacing the springs. He was very proficient in his work. He also shared ideas for lubricants for maintaining the opener."
- Paul Johnson
5 Stars
"I called on Friday at 11am with a broken garage door spring. I was told the soonest they would be able to get to me was early the following week. By 3:00 p.m. Friday afternoon to my surprise they arrived and fixed the spring. I had a very positive experience recommend them!!"
- Chris Beaver
5 Stars
"Workers were friendly and did good work."
- Robert Hanson
5 Stars
"We and a non-emergent problem with our door. They were there the same day."
- Phillip Blake
5 Stars

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